The Secret of Century III: Dreams Lost

My Project in 10 Seconds

I am connecting ideas from urban development and spatial theory with the aesthetics & motifs of Gothic Horror, and through the practice of 3D game development, build an interactive story about how the Century III Mall haunts the community it was built in.


Do you have a story that involves or is about the Century III Mall? We are currently in the process of interviewing people right now. Please sign up for an interview!

Game Design Document

A game design document is an industry standard blueprint that defines the game, providing an overview of the gameplay, mechanics, concepts, story, setting, characters, levels, and interfaces.

See my Game Design Document.


Oral Archive

Download the Game!

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Brackenridge Fellowship

This summer, I am completing the work of the project through the Brackenridge Fellowship. To learn more about the Brackenridge Fellowship, click here.

Brackenridge Fellowship Goals

Designing the Demo - May 19 to June 3

For the first two weeks of the fellowship, I will plan out the demo by creating a detailed map with the a key showing the location of interactive objects, seed bombing areas, warping walls, puzzles, backrooms, etc. Along with the map, I will also collect reference photos of stores and Century III to aid with the asset creation. In addition to photo references, excluding interviews, I will write the story components for the demo.

Interviews - May 19 to July 29

Interviews will be an ongoing task throughout the fellowship. The first step is sending a request to UPitt Faculty, and then to the wider Pittsburgh community. As I develop/design the demo, I will edit and insert the audio from some of the interviews into game.

Two Essays published on this Website

On top of game development, I plan on publishing two essays on this website to provide additional context to the questions being explored in the game. The first essay will explore the connection between abandoned malls and Gothic Horror. The second essay will consider spacial theory and its relation to public capitalist spaces.

Creating Core Game Mechanics

I am planning on including all of the game mechanics listed in the game design document into the game demo, which are spray painting, seed bombing, warping walls, interactive objects, and puzzles. The game mechanic development timeline is listed below:

👉 Spray Painting - May 23 to May 29
👉 Interactive Objects - May 30 to June 5
👉 Puzzles - June 6 to June 12
👉 Warping Walls - June 13 to June 19
👉 Seed Bombing - June 20 to June 26

Building Assets - May 24 to July 29

During the Fellowship, I will be developing 3D and 2D assets for the demo. This will be an ongoing task that will start after I finish creating an asset list.

About Me

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